The VRS Interpreting Institute (VRSII) offers advanced training that meets the continuing educational needs of interpreters and interpreter educators. Read about all VRSII programs below. For more information, contact the VRSII at

Educator Empowerment Series

The Educator Empowerment Series (EES) classes provide ongoing training and resources for Interpreter Education Program (IEP) educators to enhance IEP curriculum. The program also offers unprecedented opportunities for professional networking and idea sharing.

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Sorenson VRS Innovative Interpreter Education Award

This Sorenson Communications-sponsored award recognizes Interpreter Education Programs (IEPs) that exceed educational standards by leveraging technology in IEP training. The winning IEP earns a grant to be reinvested in its program and is featured in a best-practices showcase.

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School-to-Work Program

During 2017, the VRSII will conduct a “Decade in Review” – a gathering of 122 STW graduates to conduct research and refine the STW Program. While these refinements are being made, applications will not be accepted for STW. The revised program will be presented in 2018.


The COMPASS Program was developed for heritage language users of American Sign Language (ASL) (Codas, Mother-Father-Deaf, Deaf-parented) to support development of their natural language talents and innate cultural understanding and to explore professional opportunities as ASL/English interpreters.

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Master’s Degree Program:

University of North Flordia

ASL/English Interpreting with Concentration in Interpreting Pedagogy

The VRSII and the University of North Florida have partnered to offer interpreters a master’s degree through distance learning that will prepare them to teach the interpreting process in colleges and universities.

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ASL Interpreter Graduate and
Undergraduate Classes

The University of Arizona

Through a partnership with the University of Arizona, the VRSII offers classes to ASL interpreters in a graduate or undergraduate capacity. Classes are taught on the University of Arizona campus, in Tucson, Ariz.

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