VRSII Interpreter Educator Symposium

"Creating Connections—Expanding Possibilities:
Infusing NCIEC Resources into Interpreter Education"
March 4 – 6, 2015

During this three-day symposium, participants will have the opportunity to explore and analyze an array of educational resources developed with federal grant funds by NCIEC. Participants will apply NCIEC resources to individual contexts to enhance the effectiveness of teaching and mentoring with practical, ready-to-use materials. At the close of the symposium, participants will be given full access to all NCIEC resources for their use.


The resources to be explored include:

  • Complete curriculum packages, including pre- and post-test materials, PPTs, handouts, media clips and additional content to prepare interpreters to work in specialized settings
  • Learning modules focused on unique topics of contemporary interest to interpreting students
  • ASL glossaries of specialized vocabulary
  • A library of newly-developed source texts in both ASL and English
  • Archived webinars on a wide range of topics of interest to interpreters and interpreter educators
  • Consumer education and self-advocacy resources, among many others products

Attend the VRSII/NCIEC Interpreter Educator Collaboration to learn about the NCIEC products and how they can be infused into your curriculum to provide measurable results and improvements for interpreter education and mentoring activities.

To see a summary of the 2015 VRSII Interpreter Educators Symposium, read a special issue of the Connector newsletter by clicking here

Check back in the spring of 2016 to get information about the next VRSII Interpreter Educators Symposium and to apply to attend.